Pajama Walk

November 10, 2019

Why Pajamas?

What's more relaxing than lounging around in Pajamas? No worries of being judged? No need to fit-in and conform. Pajamas come in all shapes and sizes and the more unique the better!! That's just how we feel about our incredible Friendship Circle & ZABS Place family.

Of course, we also DREAM in pajamas! That's why we're excited for you to join the 3rd
Annual Pajama Walk so we can celebrate dreams and continue to #MakeDreamsComeTrue!

We Need Volunteers. Sign Up Here. Sunday, November 10th
Freedom Park - 1900 East Blvd

Peek at the pre & post walk activities
Take a look at our route
Find out where to park


Registration & T-shirt Pickup


Interactive Opening Ceremony:
Drum Circle
at Freedom Park Amphitheatre


Walk Begins


Walkers arrive at the finish line for a DreamLand Fest with fun, food, and entertainment

Pajama Walk Kickoff

A Chance To Dance


A Charlotte-based dance program that champions inclusion through dance. With both recreational and competitive programs for special dancers, they have close to 60 differently-abled and super-talented students... It's not their needs that are special, it's their talents!

A Special Marching Band

Leading our walk will be an icredible group of our specially talented friends from ZABS Place & Friendship Circle. Their instruments will be one-of-a-kind too! Don't miss it!

DreamLand Fun Festival

Kosher Food Trucks

Enjoy fresh "Good Cup" Coffee, Kosher Sandwiches, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, and other Pajama Party snacks!

Ability Fair

Check out the unique creations of local crafters and artists with some seriously Special Talents! These unique items make great gifts and support inclusion and ability awareness (and of course the artist!) Know someone with Special Needs Talents who would like to sell their creations? We're still accepting vendors HERE.

DreamLand Carnival

Think of CandyLand in a Dream... This Pajama Party is of epic proportions and will be fun for everyone!

Route Map

Our route starts at the Freedom Park Amphitheater and continues around the lake, over the bridge to the Greenway Trail and then back into the park. The walk is about .92 miles.


Parking Areas

There are three parking areas located throughout the park with easy access to the Pajama Walk route. Please refer to the route map to see the East Blvd. entrance parking, Lilac Rd. parking and Princeton Avenue parking.