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Welcome to the Third Annual Pajama Walk, where dreams come, help me support The Friendship Circle!

Alan Sussman

I hope you take a minute to learn about "Friendship Circle" where young people with Special Talents express themselves, and make a contribution to our world, everyday!

I really appreciate your support and together we can #MakeDreamsComeTrue.

Why else would I put on my onsies and ride my monster trike in Freedom Park! It's a great cause!




raised of $3,600 goal

Recent Donations

1. Benjamin Meisler
I hope you rode well...
2. Tamir Avraham
3. Edwin Boswell
What a great cause!
4. Patricia Cotham
So proud of you, Alan Sussman! Your neighbor, Pat Cotham
5. Alan Sussman
With a match, you can light me up!
6. Anonymous

Team Ballantyne Jewish Center