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Juliana Nussbaum

Thanks for stopping by my page. I hope you take a minute to learn about these incredible organizations. I really appreciate your support and together we can #MakeDreamsComeTrue. Best - Juliana



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1. SNSara Nussbaum
Hi Juliana, Your Saba and Savtsa Nussbaum are very proud of you . Being involve in helping others is wonderful and great deed. Love the Nussbaum
2. SNSara Nussbaum
Saba and Davy’s are proud of you for participating in such an important walk. We love you Juliana
3. MSMichelle Shiff
Good job juju!!!!
4. RMRebecca Mullis
5. ADAnnie Degros
We love you J! Cate and Christophe
6. Juliana Nussbaum

Team cjds first grade